The most beautiful city in Germany

map of Germany

One-sentence Synopsis:

Map of Germany depicting the absolute and subjective attractiveness of mayor cities by proxy of Google search hits.

Data source:

Google search hits for "die schönste stadt deutschlands" $city_name (translation: the most beautiful city of germany) including Germany’s 20 largest cities. Data collected on 2015-03-12.


Absolute number of Google search hits and number of inhabitants was collated in a spreadsheet with Calc; relative number of Google search hits per 1000 inhabitants was calculated.

Key figures:

  • correlation coefficient between Google search hits and number of inhabitants: 0.4379
  • correlation coefficient between rating by Google search hits and rating by number of inhabitants: 0.2617


The bubble size represents the absolute number of Google search hits; the choropleth color indicates the relative number of Google hits by 1000 inhabitants. While this analysis comes tongue-in-cheek, Google search hits and trends have a certain value as proxies for relevance of terms, be it abstract concepts (“memes”) or toponyms (“place names”). Cf. Google Trends: Interest over time (Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt)

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